ED 130 TS, real Swiss Army Knife of golf green, can
Dethatch, Verticut, Spiking and Rolling the turf.

ED 130 TS

Stony Micro Burier designed for sBury stones on small surfaces, Stony range exists for small tractors.

Stony 115

Is designed to mulch brambles as well as dense grass.
Its floating system, patented by Dairon, allows the machine to follow every curve, bump and unevenness of the ground automatically for increased productivity.

This is BRD 50

The RX 200 burrower impresses with its yield.
It allows in one pass to bury the stones and to prepare the ground over a width of 2 meters.

See RX 200

The Sd700 is a self-propelled seeder for easy grassing in small areas.

Discover Sd700